Strawberry Milk Cake Pudding

Strawberry Milk Cake Pudding

It all started with trying to make a Tres Leches Cake. When I looked up the recipes, all of them called for eggs. Since I wanted to make an eggless dessert, I thought maybe this time I should just make a milk cake pudding. The pudding is not ‘Tres Leches’ as Tres Leches would mean ’3 types of milks’ but it certainly uses 2 types of milks: Condensed milk for the base cake and Evaporated Milk for soaking the cake slices in. Not quite ‘Tres Leches’ but came out very delicious. Bonus: it is an eggless dessert, so suitable for vegetarians and people with egg allergies.

You need:

1 Strawberry Cake (Eggless)
2 cans Evaporated Milk
1 banana
10-12 fresh Strawberries
1/2 cup whipped cream topping (or more as desired)
4-5 tbsp Nesquik Strawberry Milk Flavor/Strawberry flavor Carnation Instant breakfast
1 package instant Vanilla pudding (I used Jello)

1. Prepare Cake as per directions. Let it cool (Or use a store bought cake, try to get one with little less sugar)
2. Prepare Vanilla pudding as per directions
3. Slice the cake and set first layer in a large white dish.

Strawberry Milk Cake Pudding-cake layer

Strawberry Milk Cake Pudding-Cake Layer

4. Mix the strawberry flavor powder in Evaporated Milk. Adjust flavor quantity as per your taste. I prefer it not to be overly sweet.
Strawberry Milk Cake Pudding-Evaporated milk

Strawberry Milk Cake Pudding-Evaporated milk

5. Drench the first layer with Evaporated Milk (Number of layers depend on the dish size. I used 15 x 10 and prepared the pudding in 2 layers). For about two layers, the first layer should be soaked in half the milk.
6. Spread a layer of sliced banana and strawberries.
7. Spread the Vanilla pudding on the fruit layer.
Strawberry Milk Cake Pudding-Add fresh strawberries and banana

Strawberry Milk Cake Pudding-Add fresh strawberries and banana

8. Repeat- Add another layer of cake, drench in Evaporated milk.
9. Top it with whipped cream topping and sliced fresh strawberries.

I did not want to use too much whipped cream topping. So I just added few small dollops. This way I could cut extra calories as well. Although I do think, it would have been great if I had spread one full layer of the whipped cream topping. May be next time!

Refrigerate for 3-4 hours before serving.