By Amanat Khullar

This morning I had an urge to eat something sweet. I wanted to keep it quick, healthy and ofcourse “YUMMY”  to satisfy my cravings.First thought that popped in my mind was kheer. Since calorie amount can be a bit scary in rice kheer, I decided to use suji instead of rice and 1% milk instead of whole milk.If you are not familiar with Suji (semolina), it is a nutritious Indian wheat granulated but not pulverized. It has a lot of health benefits but the one I remember is that my mother used to give me suji halwa with warm milk to cure sore throat and cold. Also, in India it is very commonly prepared for toddlers and little children as it is very nutritious and easy to digest.  Here is a quick recipe.

You need:

½ tsp  ghee
1 tbsp spoon suji (semolina)
1 cup milk
1 tbsp  brown sugar (or to taste)