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Summer Salad with Couscous and Peanuts

Low Calorie Summer Salad with Couscous and Peanuts

After eating not so light meals last couple of days, today I was in no mood to repeat the same pattern. At first I started planning for the week and put some chickpeas in my slow cooker – to be boiled in 4 hours. I thought I could make some chickpea couscous salad for work later. It was almost [...]

Chicken Roulade

By Heidemarie Swanepoel As I looked through my freezer this morning, I really did not feel like same old, same old. When I saw the chicken breasts, I came up with the most brilliant idea – A roulade! It was wonderfully quick and easy to prepare, and everyone loved it. I will have to make it again, [...]
Mediterranean Style Bean Wrap

Mediterranean Style Bean Wrap

I am a big fan of Fitness magazine’s 400 calorie lunches. Basically their mantra is 300 calories breakfast,400 calories lunch, 500 calories dinner and 2 snacks 150 calorie each. A sensible diet on this calorie plan and moderate work out and you will lose pounds without losing on taste! Here is my [...]
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