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White Chocolate Craisins Haystacks-Pretzels, peanuts

White Chocolate and Craisins Haystacks

Here is a super simple and delicious holiday treat that as the name suggests looks like a ‘Haystack’. I have seen recipes with lot of different ingredients but I liked the one with pretzels and peanuts the best. It could be because that these two are also my personal favorites when I need [...]

Microwaveable Peanut Brittle

Just before I started writing, I stumbled upon a website with a page for ‘Countdown to Christmas’. It said 17 Days, 22 Hours and 28 minutes… But who is counting? Well, we are all counting! My 21 month old is already trying to sing ‘Jingle Bells..’ and he is more in tune than I am..! I am glad I [...]
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