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Punjabi Chole

Punjabi Chole (Chickpeas Curry)

Punjabi Chole or chickpeas curry is a popular comfort food recipe from North India. Traditionally it is served with Puris or Bhaturas (deep fried breads) and is usually a common dish for weekend lunches for family or even for formal events. This is my first attempt to make this dish and I went one [...]
Ma Chole ki Dal

Ma Chole ki Dal (Slow Cooked Split Black lentils and Split Bengal Gram Curry)

‘Ma-chole ki dal’ is a North Indian (most commonly prepared in Punjab) lentil dish that is made with split black lentils(split urad dal) and split Bengal gram lentils (Chana dal). Although I have tried various combinations of mixed dals, this one is my favorite so far. It is certainly a lighter [...]
Achari baingan

Achari Baingan (Slow Cooked)

Achari Baingan (Tangy eggplant simmered in tomatoes and pickle spices) Here is a tangy dish that gets its flavor as well as name from traditional Indian pickle spices. There are several variations to make it, some are more laborious than other and some are more richer than needed. I went with a [...]
Sookhi Urad Dal

Sukhi Urad Dal (Slow Cooked tempered dry lentils)

I finally bought a new slow cooker in October last year when my old rice cooker that had ‘slow cooking’ mode stopped working. It has been 10 months or so and I have been using it very regularly to prepare healthy dishes for my family. I love to cook but don’t find much time while maintaining my [...]
Methi Malai Paneer

Methi Malai Paneer

This one is for mom. While growing up paneer based dishes used to be a staple in our house and I cannot even remember how many different kinds my mom, grandmother and my aunts could make! (I grew up in a large family and shared about 12-13 wonderful years under one roof with my parents, brother, [...]
Mili Juli Sabzi-mixed vegetables medley

Mili-Juli Sabzi (Mixed Vegetable medley with chickpeas)

Here is very easy Indian dish that just needs few minutes of preparation and needs very little attention while cooking. Mixed vegetables are traditionally made with several variations using different combinations of vegetables like peas, carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, green beans, peppers and the [...]
Moong Dhuli Daal Khichdi with Mustard Greens and Spinach

Moong Dhuli Dal Khichdi with Mustard Greens and Spinach

Khichdi is a popular dish all over India specially Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Bengal. It is usually made with rice and lentils (there are several variations using different types of lentils) as a base and vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, peas, sqash, spinach, potatoes, etc. are added in [...]
Mint Chicken Biryani

Mint Chicken Biryani

Biryani is a rice based dish made with meat, and/or vegetables and spices and traditionally cooked on slow heat to let the flavors blend in. There are several different recipes and styles popular all over India and local variants of this dish are not only popular in South Asia but also in Arabia [...]
Mint,Radish,Green Beans,Okra

Sindhi Kadhi (Vegetable medley simmered in tangy lentils curry)

I just came back from a trip to India. I visited my family after four years for a short vacation and to attend my brother’s wedding. Besides being excited to meet my family after such a long time, on my flight from London to New Delhi, I could not stop thinking about this flavorful dish my [...]

Lemony Yellow Lentils (Moong Dhuli Dal)

Lentils are staple in North Indian households. There are several types of lentils and severals ways to cook them. Yellow lentils are low in calories, easy to digest and fast to cook. I served them as a soup to my son and tex-mex style with salsa for me and my husband. You need: 3 cups water 1 cup [...]
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