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Hot and Sweet Mango Salsa with chips

Hot and Sweet Mango Salsa

With Mangoes in season, fresh mango salsa has become a ‘hot’ condiment. Mexican restaurants, fast food places, grocery stores, recipes in magazines – everywhere you would see one variation or the other. This is my first attempt to make this hot and sweet salsa and I think I will try few more [...]
Chipotle Chicken Kababs

Chipotle Chicken Kebabs

Here is one flaming hot recipe. I have been trying to imitate Chipotle Mexican Grill’s chicken for quite some time. Although this may not be the exact same thing, but it comes quite close – only slightly hotter. Since I like hot food and usually am never too embarrassed of putting Tobasco/Tapatío [...]
Mexican style Vegetable soup with black beans and rice

Mexican style vegetable soup with black beans and rice

Here (more…)
Baked Beans Chilli

Baked Beans Chilli with Beef

By Heidemarie Swanepoel For a little taste of Mexico, I always make this dish for our family. I enjoy using sweet chilli sauce in many dishes, because it adds bite, with a sweet tang, to many dishes. I do not need to slave over finding the right flavors, in the right combinations – I just add a [...]
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